Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inspiring action on climate change

International Climate Challenge (ICC) groups at Kithyoko secondary school have involved themselves in a project where by bathroom water is reused for agriculture.The student first acquired a piece of land behind the boy’s bathrooms. They then dug a furrow to channel water from the bathroom to the piece of land. Holes were later dug where green leaves commonly known as Kales(sukuma wiki )and tomatoes were planted .All this activities took place around the month of October and November .

This project has been using the water from the boys’ bathroom to irrigate the plants.It took the students around three months to see the fruits of their work whereby in January ,they had their first harvest. Since then they have been having successful yields.

The ICC club members have a plan of extending the project to girls’ bathrooms as this will increase the yields and also increase the sustainability of the project. This project has benefited the community in a variety of ways: firstly, there was provision of vegetables to the school kitchen .It is good to note that this is fresh vegetables from the garden. Moreover, the school community acquires the kales(sukuma wiki )at affordable prices, making life more sustainable to them. In addition, the school and the neighbors have acquired the knowledge of reusing water and are now applying the knowledge to their farms.

The income generated from the sale of the vegetables is used to expand the project. This involves setting up new nurseries and increasing the land under cultivation

By taking parts in this project the students especially those taking agriculture have been able to apply the knowledge learnt in the classroom thus enhancing efficient learning.The students are also happy to involve themselves in a successful project which keeps them busy and earn them some money .They are proud of the project and have been educating the wider community on the same.

Another major benefit the project has brought is recycling of bathroom water which would have been discarded. As a matter of fact this is one of the major successful projects of the ICC programme. This is so, because the community is still benefiting from the project and the environment is sustained in that the green plant makes use of carbon dioxide in the air and release oxygen which is a requirement to human life.


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