Friday, February 4, 2011

useful agricultural information

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  • Information on major crops, vegetables and fruits prevalent in East Africa, including crop husbandry, soil and water management, cultural methods and organic pest management, with illustrated descriptions for quick and accurate identification of crop pests and diseases. View the information here

  • Information on major main pests, diseases, weeds and natural enemies common in East Africa; common names in different languages, regional distribution maps and lots of images and illustrations for easy identification View the information here

  • Many more information on medicinal plants, fruit preservation and cultural methods, soil, water and land management, animal husbandry and animal diseases etc... View the information here

  • Publications and database of TOF Organic Farmer Magazine (Search by keywords or issue, audio and text versions) View the information here

  • Over 1300 images allowing easy identification of majour pests, diseases and illustrations of methods promoted.

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The information-platform will continue to be enhanced and the quality of the data maintained. Latest developments include:
  • Integrated comment-function for sharing information and exchange with experts and extension services is implemented accompanied by a pilot-trial on inbuilt option for sending text to voice messages from website to mobile phones
  • Reference addresses of local products/trade/providers/suppliers are included continuously